Top Contenders: The Best Of CD


strung-out - Top Contenders: The Best Of  CD
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Strung Out – Top Contenders: The Best Of CD

Track listing:

  1. Firecracker
  2. Velvet Alley
  3. Mind of My Own
  4. Everyday
  5. City Lights +
  6. Too Close to See
  7. Vanity
  8. Mission Statement
  9. Cemetery
  10. Bring Out Your Dead
  11. Analog
  12. Black Crosses
  13. Ashes
  14. Monster
  15. Letter Home
  16. Blueprint of the Fall
  17. Population Control
  18. Swan Dive
  19. Calling
  20. Saturday Night +
  21. Exhumation of Virginia Madison
  22. In Harm’s Way
  23. Scarecrow
  24. Cult of the Subterranean
  25. Here We Are +
  26. Matchbook
  • + Previously Unreleased
  • Take 23 songs from Strung Out’s career, 3 unreleased tracks, remix them with guru Ryan Greene, remaster them, and you have Top Contenders. This isn’t even a “greatest hits” as much as it’s a cohesive album that documents the evolution of Strung Out in a way that even fans who know the songs front to back will find new and refreshing.

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