Splid CD + Signed Litho (5"x5")

$22.99 Releases on Feb 14th, 2020 

kvelertak - Splid CD + Signed Litho (5"x5")
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This bundle includes:

– Kvelertak – Splid CD

– Kvelertak Splid Signed Litho (5“x5“)

A high-quality lithograph of the the album cover for ‘Splid‘, autographed by the band.

– Kvelertak Owl Emblem Pin

The Kvelertak Owl design on a high quality enamel pin.

Track list:

  1. Rogaland
  2. Crack of Doom
  3. Necrosoft
  4. Discord
  5. Bråtebrann
  6. Uglas hegemoni
  7. Fanden ta dette hull!
  8. Tevling
  9. Stevnemøte med Satan
  10. Delirium tremens
  11. Ved bredden av Nihil

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